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Ajay Kumar

Ajay Kumar—Spotting a Diamond in the Rough

CVs (curriculum vitae) have a way of finding their way to Mindtree. One such CV referred by a Mindtree Mind came to Mindtree Foundation first, and then landed on the Chairman’s desk. Jibin Joseph, a Mindtree Mind, had submitted the CV of his apartment’s security guard for the post of an engineer! And the Chairman asked the Culture & Competence (C&C) team to interview and assesses the young man. The applicant, named Ajay Kumar, was indeed a security guard at night, an Android developer in the evenings and during the day he was a McDonald’s delivery boy. His education profile read, “BE in Computer Science.” Shiva Kumar from C&C challenged the boy to develop an application that performed calculations with polynomials without using existing algorithms. And Ajay Kumar, the young man with triple jobs and not enough sleep, returned with the completed application using an indigenous algorithm. After three more rounds of interviews, Ajay was welcomed to Mindtree as a Junior Engineer.

Ajay had lost an engineering job opportunity due to the economic downturn. The lull in the job market forced him to take up small jobs to make ends meet. But Ajay was no stranger to hard work. He earned his diploma while working part-time, and during his SSLC (10th grade) he worked as a waiter at a hotel after school and as a helper in a catering business during vacations. His mother was a single parent and was barely able to meet the expenses of the family and the school fees. Nevertheless, Ajay secured 84% in the SSLC board exam and went on to pursue his engineering education with the support of a scholarship and part-time jobs.

Mindtree groomed this bright Junior Engineer as a thorough professional. Patricia Preetham, a Mindtree Mind, was assigned to help with the necessary language and writing skills. Soon, Ajay was writing project documents with proficiency.

Ajay is an individual who would have made his mark anywhere with his intelligence and fortitude. Mindtree is especially happy to have him growing and thriving in its environment.

Niroshan Selvaraj

Niroshan Selvaraj—Breaking the Shackles of a Limiting Background

Niroshan Selvaraj is a young programmer who joined us last year. As bright as any of our programmers, and as enthusiastic and engaged, Niroshan is a “Mindtree Mind” in the fullest sense of the word. Niroshan was not recruited, but we spotted him early and nurtured him ever since. Mindtree supported and groomed Niroshan to break the shackles of his limiting background. We first spotted him at a Sri Lankan refugee camp school in Tamil Nadu, when we were there as a part of our Technologists for Social Action (TSA) agenda to help build social sensitivities in our people. We were sure Niroshan, then a fourth standard kid, fully deserved a stable education, constant support, gentle guidance and effective training in tune with his aptitude. A pair of Mindtree volunteers took him under their wings with one acting as his sibling, and the other, from the top management of Mindtree, fulfilling the role of his parent until he was ready to take off on his own. That meant supporting him throughout his school years, college years and beyond.

This was in 2007, at the early stage of our Dream to Reality (D2R) project. Niroshan didn’t let us down. He proved our D2R project to be a worthwhile vision. He worked hard throughout his school, set ambitious goals for himself, sought guidance from Mindtree Minds and joined the Maharaja Engineering College in Coimbatore. He earned his B.Tech in IT in 2013 and became the first engineer the refugee camp school ever produced. He received both organizational and personal support from all quarters at Mindtree. A special induction was arranged for him, including training as a member of the Java testing team, which required him to stay in Bangalore for two and a half months, even before he started earning his salary. Our hospitality staff promptly came forward and volunteered to personally take care of his stay.

Niroshan joined a team of seven engineers and his first project was for a renowned Mindtree client. We are happy to announce that Niroshan has integrated seamlessly into Mindtree’s fold today. When asked about working at Mindtree, Niroshan says with an unmistakable excitement in his voice, “Ever since my childhood, the word ‘Mindtree’ meant so much to me! The very word has positive and happy connotations for me. I’m just happy, very happy to be here, as one among Mindtree Minds! And to get to work on these fantastic products is exciting too. Right now, I need to focus on excellence in my job. One day in the future, I want to give back what I’ve received here—to poor students with dreams and drives. One day, I will.”