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AIG team’s Women’s Day Celebrations at Samarthanam

The AIG team from the Insurance practice found a unique way to celebrate Women’s Day. The team, some along with their family members, spent an entire day at the Samarthanam Trust on April 4, 2016. The Samarthanam Trust provides free hostel facilities for deserving, young, and talented children with disability of any form, or from marginalized economic backgrounds.

The team members interacted, played, fed and ate with the children at the facility. While some people were overcome with emotion, some were filled with gratitude. It can be safely said that nobody was left untouched by the experience. A few of the AIG team members share their experience and their feelings about the visit:

Technical Specialist, Testing

The kids at Smarthanam made my visit a memorable experience. When we entered Samarathanam we were given a warm welcome by the kids as well as the staff. We served food to the children. We had many cultural activities where the children and their staff performed, even I got a chance to dance with them and frankly speaking it made my day.

It was a very touching experience. I feel that though they are underprivileged, orphaned as well as disabled, they have not lost their zeal to live. We have a lot to learn from them. Compared to them, most of us are born with a silver spoon, yet we are not content with what we have.

Love only grows when you expect nothing in return. Sometimes I feel instead of spending money on trivial things, we should visit them and try to bring some joy and smile on those little faces. It’s not what we are but what we do to others that defines us.

I learned from the kids at Samarthanam that the only disability in life is lack of our enthusiasm and spirit.

Trainee, People Function

It was on the third day of my internship that we had the team visit to Samarthanam. The visit to the place was a fulfilling experience to me as I came back to office not only with memories, but also with valuable realizations. Unlike us, people at samarthanam do not even have the basic requirements, yet they are happy and we complain. They are people who wished they had what we have. We should be grateful for what we have. Our life is a bed of roses when compared to lives of those kids.

Thanks to the PF team at Mindtree for organizing the visit.

Ramya Sudheendra
Test Specialist, Testing

Life is all about loving and caring for one another. Off late, I have been realizing this in various instances and the Samarthanam visit was one such instance. I really appreciate the caring spirit and the helping nature of the children at Samarthanam. Hats off to those little angels!

Test Specialist, Testing

My child and I had a nice experience spending time in Samarthanam. Interaction with the kids was simply great as I feel that these kids are divine and their gesture touched my heart. It was quite a learning experience for the both of us. We get stressed about small things but we can forget everything by seeing them. They are so happy and enjoying life. It made me feel good inside. I’d like to thank Samarthanam for letting us visit and I also want to thank the AIG team as well. It was a great experience.

Project Lead, Testing

It was an awe-inspiring experience. Felt very humbled after visiting Samarthnam. Mahantesh, one of founders of Samarthanam, became an inspiration to all of us. To see the joy and smile on those little faces made me feel happy.

Anoop Ramesh
Test Specialist, Testing

The visit to Samarthanam was a wonderful and touching experience. Felt good bringing a smile on those little faces and while serving food to the children in Samarthanam. It was our privilege to have lunch with the kids.

Senior Manager, People Functions

The moment I entered the Samarthanam, I felt both happy and sad seeing children playing, fighting with each other, crying, laughing, cribbing about certain things (like who’s better: guys or girls?), dancing, and so on.

These special children are really talented, some of them good at singing and some good at dancing. Simply observing their talent makes you feel happy and you wish you could spend as much time with them as possible. This is one occasion that gives me a lot of happiness and which I look forward to the most.

When you give serious thought to this situation, some hard hitting questions arise. It’s like getting hit on the head by a hammer. There are questions like “What did these little angels do to deserve this? What would happen when these children grow up and get ready to face the world which is outside this cocoon? How can the Omni power be so unfair to these children? Aren’t these children like all other children?”
I ask these questions to myself, never have found convincing answers.

I realized that most of the children are left to fend for themselves either because the family did not have financial means to take care of them or they just abandoned them. In some cases, the parents just didn’t have the experience to raise a special child and had to give them up for good.

None of us liked it when our parents reprimanded us for not studying properly, when we made blunders, when we fought with our siblings or friends, when we didn’t listen to them but there was a concern behind every word that they said. These children are lacking all those words of care, anger, love and all the feelings that parents express towards their children.

Visiting the Samarthanam with my daughter was a life changing experience. We have started appreciating the little things in life, after seeing people who don’t have them. We are learning to tide over the insignificant and immaterial things and appreciate the bigger picture.