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Assistive Technologies Planned for the Future


This Analog-Digital Interface based on the Theremin principle and using Bluetooth technology is a computer access switch which will help Cerebral Palsy-affected children type on computers. It will generate left-click through Bluetooth technology.

The switch is in development and the first devices will be given to children at the Vidyasagar School, Chennai.


The Kommunicator Audio Visual Interface using true-type font pictures (KAVI-F) is also in development. It will help children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD and mentally challenged children communicate with others.

The KAVI-F will be used along with ADITI-C for children with Cerebral Palsy.

The software is planned for children seeking help at the Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu (SPASTN) and Chetana Foundation, Chennai.

WYLIWIS: What-You-Listen-Is-What-It-Sees

The WYLIWIS software is being planned for people with low vision and the visually-impaired which will help them read text from printed books. The software, when installed on an Android phone with camera, will read text in any language, transliterate it into an audio file in the preferred Indian language and transmit it to the reader through headphones.

The software will initially be developed for schools or hospitals for the visually impaired.

WYTIWIS: What-You-Touch-Is-What-It-Sees

WYTIWIS is being planned to assist the visually-impaired. It will help them recognize pictures from printed books by converting images into tactile images on a touch pad.

This will be useful in schools and libraries for visually impaired people.