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CSR initiatives FY23-24

LTIMindtree is excited to announce its diverse range of CSR initiatives for FY2023-24.Our strong belief in purpose, compassion, and influence drives us toward sustainable progress. Our CSR efforts focus on education, empowerment,environment conservation, health, nutrition,and disaster relief,with a vision to build thriving communities and a meaningful existence forall.

#BeTheGiveR is our guiding force for all that we do at LTIMindtree Foundation.
This force inspires individuals & organizations to give to the Society. We empower the underprivileged to earn a dignified livelihood and become Responsible givers.

About Us

At LTIMindtree Foundation, we are driven by the belief that sustainable progress comes from the convergence of purpose, care and impact. It is at this intersection that communities…

Focus Areas


With the lack of access to quality learning and decline in learning level across all grades with non-availability of teachers and requisite infrastructure, LTIMindtree aims to provide quality education....
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Health and Nutrition

There is limited preventive healthcare and services to promote optimal health and nutrition and avert worsening of several medical conditions for children and adults with disabilities....
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Given the shortage of skilled workforce, LTIMindtree aims to enhance skills of marginalized youth and women by providing IT, ITES, vocational.....
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To address the critical issue of environment conservation, LTIMindtree aims to be Carbon and Water Neutral for its India operations by 2030.....
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Flagship Projects 2022-23

Inclusive Park

Develop a park with play equipment for children of all disabilities including zones for therapeutic and sensory zones

NGO Partner: CBM India Trust

Location: New Kolkata

Integrated Watershed Community Development Program (IWCDP)

This is a holistic approach to build water bodies to engage the farmers in agriculture to active farming for 11 months in a year, give them a dignified livelihood with the increase in productivity of up to 10 crops, through increased marketing of the grains they produce. In addition, we provide renewable energy solutions for streetlights & households. Improve school facilities, & means to provide weather / crop advisory to farmers & drinking water pipes to households.

NGO Partner: National Agro Foundation (NAF)

Location: Karya, Karepura, Hadya, Banooru, Chinnampalli & Thagaduru, Nanjangud Taluk, Mysuru District, Karnataka

Empowering through Digital Skills

Provide inclusive, sustainable and high-quality skilling opportunities to students from marginalized/underserved communities with minimum 10th pass

NGO Partner: Edunet Foundation

Location: KA, TS

Mindtree Foundation's Response to COVID-19

Just like the boy in the starfish story (by Loren Eisley), we, together, did make the difference in our own small way. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve done so far in combating COVID-19.


CSR Projects GEO-Spread


Head Count: 35,585
No. of Projects: 20


Head Count: 6,260
No. of Projects: 12


Head Count: 70,558
No. of Projects: 15

Andhra Pradesh

Head Count:1,072
No. of Projects: 4

Arunachal Pradesh

Head Count: 60
No. of Projects: 1


Head Count: 255,278
No. of Projects: 21


Head Count: 32,103
No. of Projects: 13


Head Count: 1,875
No. of Projects: 1

West Bengal

Head Count: 14,734
No. of Projects: 8


Head Count: 120
No. of Projects: 1


Head Count: 566
No. of Projects: 2


Head Count: 1,600
No. of Projects: 1


Head Count: 242
No. of Projects: 2


Head Count: 8,140
No. of Projects: 3


Head Count: 2,220
No. of Projects: 3

Madhya Pradesh

Head Count: 15,185
No. of Projects: 2


Head Count: 60
No. of Projects: 1


Head Count: 60
No. of Projects: 1


Head Count: 1,771
No. of Projects: 3


Head Count: 1,899
No. of Projects: 4

Uttar Pradesh

Head Count: 32,300
No. of Projects: 6


Head Count: 150
No. of Projects: 1


Head Count: 306
No. of Projects: 2

Pan India

Head Count: 1,039
No. of Projects: 3

Our Partners, Our Strength

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