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Protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, watershed management & renewable energy interventions.
To address the critical issue of environment conservation, LTIMindtree aims to be Carbon and Water Neutral for its India operations by 2030. We conduct various activities such as restoring ecosystem through Mangrove conservation, tree planting and integrating watershed programs, deployment energy efficient stoves and strengthening community climate resilience through science-based interventions.

CSR Projects


Solar energy for lighting for all households in the tribal colony

Install solar power plant for household and street lighting purposes and fuel-efficient stove & boilers for cooking and heating purposes

NGO Partner: Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM)
Impact: 273
Location: Koodagihadi and Alanahallihadi tribal hamlets under the B. Matakere Gram panchyath of H D Kote taluk, Karnataka
Since: 2022

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LTIMindtree MyTree

Plant trees for a sustainable transformation of the environmental ecosystem, intending to increase green cover and provide a natural habitat for animals, birds & insects. The plantation of high carbon sequestering native trees will neutralize the CO2 emissions in identified Private / Govt. barren land banks.

NGO Partner: SankalpTaru
Location: MH, TN
Since: 2021

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Integrated Watershed Community Development Program (IWCDP)

This is a holistic approach to build water bodies to engage the farmers in agriculture to active farming for 11 months in a year, give them a dignified livelihood with the increase in productivity of up to 10 crops, through increased marketing of the grains they produce. In addition, we provide renewable energy solutions for streetlights & households. Improve school facilities, & means to provide weather / crop advisory to farmers & drinking water pipes to households

NGO Partner: National Agro Foundation (NAF)
Impact: 2,500 tribal women & adolescent girls
Location: Karya, Karepura, Hadya, Banooru, Chinnampalli & Thagaduru, Nanjangud Taluk, Mysuru District, Karnataka
Since: 2021

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NCPEDP - MINDTREE Helen Keller Awards 2022

NCPEDP - MINDTREE Helen Keller Awards 2022

The 23rd edition of the awards, at the 7th year partnership with NCPEDP, for creating awareness about equal employment opportunities and an enabling work environment for PwD

NGO Partner: National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled (NCPEDP)
Impact: 8 Individuals & 4 Organizations
Location: Pan India
Since: 2015
Till: Date

Paralympics Support

Paralympics Support

Support Indian para-athletes for their training in preparation of their quest for a “medal” in PARIS 2024 Paralympics through ways of:

  • World class coaching
  • Sports Science – Nutritionist, Psychologist, Strength & Conditioning trainers
  • Physiotherapists, Injury rehab, medical tests & assessments and medicines
  • Equipment and Kit
  • Exposure for domestic and international training & tournaments
  • Monthly stipend

NGO Partner: Foundation for Promotion of Sports & Games
Partner: 10 para-athletes
Location: Pan INDIA
Since : 2021
Till : Date

Our NGO Partners

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