Kommunicator Audio Visual Interface (KAVI)

A Ray of Hope for Children with Speech Delay


Kommunicator Audio-Visual Interface, using Picture to Speech feature (KAVI-PTS) is an Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) built using Android operating system. This is at present a mobile app focusing only on the visual communication of the child using pictures; however, there are plans to enhance the features to include text to speech features very soon. This can be installed on any Android compatible tablets or smartphones.

KAVI-PTS can also help children with Autism, Learning Disabilities, and Cerebral Palsy in its early stages.

Scenario 1 – Using printed charts:

  1. A teacher in the classroom teach children using printed charts, by pointing at each image and asking them to respond
  2. Teacher reads out and spells the name of the object and asks the children to follow suit.

In both the above cases, the child would respond repeating and spelling the word. But, a child with speech delay will only point out to the object.

Scenario 2 – Practice and communicate with others

Children are put to the practice of identifying the objects with the help of their parents/guardians.

In this case, as the practice progresses, the child may identify the objects, its colors, and shapes, the touch and feel of the object using its speech and gestures. But a child with the speech delay can get to this level with the help of AAC.

The AAC helps in enhancing the ability of the child to develop verbal language, by not only releasing the pressure to speak but also subsides the frustration in communication through alternative channels.

Advantage Kommunicator Audio-Visual Interface Device

  1. Interactive – The device reads out the images in the native language of the child when selected on the screen of a Tablet/Smartphone.
  2. Customizable – Based on the child’s profile and needs, any number of images and audio clips can be used.
  3. Time-saving and easily accessible – The child can have quick access to relevant images and communicate better.
  4. Affordable – Since the software is developed on an android based application, it can be installed on any low-cost tablet. Thus making it available to the less privileged children too.